The philosophy of the poker teacher using powerful love

Coach Willis was very harsh on his players as a result I didn’t understand how they wouldn’t get out according to practice or quit. It was brutal to watch. I even saw him trying to – create his players running on the floor when they ran near the bench. Some of the stories about Bobby Knight are similar. He gives a powerful love & demands perfection. Coach Willis took the team to a national championship game on NAIA basketball.

The same discipline & search for perfection creates great poker players. if they want to be the best, they need the same nature. if Coach Willis or Knight trains you, I promise you will be a great player. Maybe poker players need a coach Halo69.

I have sat down with the students to show them how to play poker plenary & the results are amazing. Teaching poker using a powerful love can create you as a winner. I don’t forget my son Jaden played his first cage match. A hand arises where he has an ace, but when he loses, he exits according to the game, so he folds & his opponent wins the hand using a bluff visit the netplay88 list gambling agent.

The table joked with him, earning him the nickname “Aces.” I’ve never been able to tell him that he created a valid game. He based his decision on the simple information that he could not afford to lose. I trained him before he started playing which started playing &when it was mandatory to fold but I forgot to understand him the most important lesson: Always play to win.

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