Underage gambling: What is the legal gambling age globally?

In some countries Bonus138, the number is set at 18. In some others, it’s 21. What is the number in your country? I’m guessing something within that range.

Whatever the number is on your end, we can all agree that underage gambling is frowned upon everywhere.

In many countries of the world, governments work hard to ensure that the younger generations are prevented from indulging in gambling activities. Unfortunately, there still seem to be a few kids breaking the rules.

Perhaps parents are to be blamed.

Recently, Gambling Commission (UK) conducted a survey to figure out gambling tendencies amongst kids. After this survey, the gambling regulator revealed that only 19% of the surveyed kids said their parents had set strict gambling rules. Shockingly, the majority of the kids were within the age bracket 11 to 16.

The importance of setting gambling rules for kids, and at what age should gambling be allowed?

Parents need to be clear on their kids’ indulgence in gambling. You can’t just close your eyes and assume your kids aren’t going to be tempted to play casino games. There are so many fascinating slot terpercaya sites on the internet today with eye-catching games and promising rewards.

If you don’t set clear rules, it is only a matter of time before your kids are tempted to sign up on that casino site showing up on their Facebook page.

At what age should gambling be allowed?

At certain ages, it may be easy to set rules and tell your kids what they can and cannot do. However, as kids grow older – especially into the teenage years – it may be challenging to curb their actions. At this stage, you’ll realize no matter what you say; your kids just won’t seem to listen.

So, how do you address this issue and make your kids desist from underage gambling?

The answer is simple, ‘make them understand it is illegal.’ If your country permits gambling, there’s likely a legal gambling age for kids to adhere to. Make your kids understand this and tell them the consequences of breaking this law.

What is the legal gambling age?

The legal gambling age is the government-approved age at which an individual is permitted under the law to gamble. As earlier stated, the legal gambling age varies from country to country, state to state, and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

You’ll need to contact your state or city’s government agency to find out what the legal gambling age is.

Online vs. land-based casino gambling age laws

Most casinos will deny entry to players who’re below the legal gambling age. Usually, before entering a casino, players will be asked to present their ID. If a player is found to be below the legal gambling age for the state or province, such a player will be denied entry.

With online casinos, however, the situation is a bit tricky. When players sign up with an online casino, they often do so with self-proclaimed identity declarations. As such, a kid that’s 16 years may claim he’s 22 just so he would be admitted into the house.

Lately, many online casinos have started requesting IDs from players at the signup stage. Before you’re allowed to join the house, you’ll need to provide a government-issued identity card carrying your face, name, and date of birth. Only after the casino has vetted your credentials and deemed you old enough (legally) to gamble will you be allowed in the house.

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